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At Malone Outdoors we spend countless hours afield patterning the trophy bucks both in person and remotely via Covert trail cameras. This allows us the absolute best success rate possible.  Typically there are several trophy bucks that the client would love the chance at harvesting, and the pursuit starts there.  The day before the hunt, the selected buck's patterns are  verified.  Then, on the day of the hunt we will head out on the ranch towards where he was last seen!  Your hunt will be conducted from either a 4x8 fiberglass ground blind or pop up depending on the situation. Once in the blind the anticipation is always through the roof and our hearts always flutter when that monster whitetail or steps out of the thick brush and the plan starts coming together!   We will carefully watch the animal and quietly describe what we see.  The trophy buck may be chasing does, spooked by some noise from the crow that flew over, or coming straight in for some protein or a bite of corn.  You will be instructed to get on him and start to control your breathing to calm any nerves that you may have.  Once the selected buck is broadside, you will be told when to squeeze that trigger!  Hunts are filmed with a professional grade Sony video camera which means you get to share your hunt with all your hunting buddies and family! Once you have harvested your trophy, Malone Outdoors will handle all of the field care to get your trophy buck ready for the next step.  There is a local taxidermist and meat processor that we recommend and we can drop off your game there, free of charge. 

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